Have you ever left your precious companion at home alone only to come back to find one of the following…

  • Urine or defecation from an otherwise house trained dog

  • A puddle of drool on the floor

  • Chewed up base boards, or door jams

  • Complaints from the neighbors of excessive barking or howling

  • A torn up couch or rugs

  • A chewed through crate

  • A damaged window

Don’t despair. There is hope!

So what is separation anxiety?

A dog that shows signs of separation anxiety or isolation distress are not being spiteful or bad. They are in a true state of panic. Separation anxiety is a state of panic that occurs in a dog when they are separated from their owners or a single main attachment figure. Upwards of 17% or more of the dogs in the U.S. are suffering from some form of separation anxiety. Those numbers are reported to be even higher in United Kingdom and abroad. It's a condition that can break your heart and your bank all at the same time. One day you may feel like pulling your hair out wondering what went wrong, and another you may cry at the thought of your precious love having such a hard time when you leave.

I’m here to help you both get through these tough times together and move towards a brighter future. This happens though a systematic protocol filled with continued support and dedication to success. It’s a holistic approach that gets to the root cause of the panic, which is the absence of the owner.

There are many reasons separation anxiety may manifest including…

  • Illness during puppy hood

  • A traumatic event

  • Death or departure of a family member

  • Other phobias such as a noise phobia

  • Removal from the litter too early

  • Multiple re-homing episodes

The list continues, but there is a solution. There is relief.

How the program works

  1. Schedule a FREE phone consultation

  2. When ready sign up and receive a customized plan the support and you need to put your family on the road to success.

It’s that easy. No matter where you are, we are here to help. Modern technology has given us the resources to reach far and wide to help those experiencing the constraints of this often times debilitating situation. Whether you live in the frozen tundra or down under we can get through this together.